Liberace Jewels go on Display in Las Vegas

Join Anna on June 27th in Las Vegas for the unveiling of the limited edition Liberace ring by Jason of Beverly Hills:

The Liberace

Foundation licenses Jason of Beverly Hills to produce limited edition Liberace ring

Coveted Liberace Jewels to be displayed in Las Vegas location

Liberace Jewels Artifacts from the Liberace Jewels Collection will be displayed

Renowned celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills has been granted the exclusive license to create the first ever, limited edition Liberace ring.  The magnificent piece is titled “Turning Tables:  A New Spin on the Liberace Classic.”  The new ring will be displayed this summer along side authentic artifacts from the Liberace Jewels Collection which is owned and curated by the Liberace Foundation.

The limited edition Liberace brand ring will be the first of only five made, each bearing its sequential number and the Liberace signature logo etching.  Certification of Authenticity will be provided by the Liberace Foundation, with original signatures from Jason Arasheben, the ring’s creator, as well as Liberace Foundation Chairman Jonathan Warren.  Offered at $20,000, Substantial proceeds from the sale of each…

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