Anna Nateece - Photo by Luxury Las Vegas Magazine

Creator of the most elaborate, celebrated and expensive furs in history


Anna Nateece, Ltd. was started by Anna Nateece and friends in July of 2013 to continue and expand upon the legacy of Anna Nateece.

Anna Nateece, Ltd. owns all publicity rights to Anna Nateece, as well as brands and artifacts contributed to the Company by its largest shareholder,  Anna Nateece herself.  Please contact us for information about publication, trademarks, branding or publicity.

Queen Frederica of Greece appointed Anna Nateece Royal Couteriere in 1962

Queen Frederica of Greece appointed Anna Nateece Royal Couteriere in 1962

Royal Couturiere to the Queen

Anna Nateece competed with top fashion designers in 1962 when she designed the entire wardrobe chosen by Queen Frederika of Greece for a world cruise. In appreciation and recognition of her talent, Anna Nateece was appointed Royal Couturiere to the Queen. The appointment was comemorated with the gift of a Grecian emerald cross necklace.

Fur Designer to the Great Liberace

In 1970 Anna Nateece moved to Las Vegas, where she became couturiere and fur designer of her dear friend, Liberace. As fur designer for the man who became known as Mr. Showmanship, she created some of the most expensive furs of all time. These artifacts are more valuable than ever, now in the vaults of the Liberace Foundation for the Creative and Performing Arts, for which Anna Nateece serves as a Board Member and caretaker of furs.

For over 50 years Anna Nateece has designed fur fashion and accessories for the world’s elite. From Naomi Campbell to Sharon Stone, to Liza Minelli; From Larry Homes to Mike Tyson and Don King. Royalty of Europe, Hollywood, Las Vegas and more are among the long-time customers of Anna Nateece.

An Era of Renaissance

Now, Anna Nateece Ltd. has expanded her extraordinary designs to include faux fur. Only one of history’s greatest couturiers could finally bring faux fur up to par with the legacy natural alternative. Anna Nateece is committed to that task and opportunity.

Sharon Stone in Lynx and Fox coat by Anna Nateece, used in film "Casino"

Sharon Stone in the Anna Neteece original used in the movie “Casino”

Limited Edition faux furs, bedspreads, throws and accessories are made in Las Vegas, just as they have been for over 40 years. Visit the Anna Nateece Studio, place an order online at AnnaNateece.com or visit an Anna Nateece authorized couturier or haberdasher and join the legendary ranks of the famed customers of one of the most celebrated luxury couturiere of all time.

In the Natural fur business, rather than designing new natural fur apparel, Anna Nateece is focuses on updating and re-designing legacy collection natural fur coats, both Nateece originals and those of other designers.  We welcome the opportunity to have anna review photos of your legacy fur coat, for recommendation and estimate by Anna Nateece.

“Liberace’s Fur Designer was Anna Nateece, one of the premier furriers of the twentieth century.”


– New York Museum at the FIT


Partial Client List

  • HRH Queen Frederica of Greece
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  • Siegfried and Roy
  • Liberace
  • Naomi Campell
  • Cyd Charisse
  • Don King
  • Larry Homes
  • Frank Marino
  • Liza Minelli
  • Wayne Newton
  • Mike Tyson
  • Chi Chi Rodriguez
  • Ambassador Sig Rogich
  • Lee Trevino
  • Sharon Stone
  • Lindsey Wagner
  • Dionne Warwick
  • Tammy Wynette
  • Fuzzy Zoeller
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